All of our Ceramic bathware are designed thinking of the Italian style. We offer a wide range of high-quality products to suit any need or style, from counter top basins to under mount basins, which come with a full guarantee and highest quality

Firenze Collection

The collection Firenze of Nera Bathware was inspired by the Italian Renaissance a period of great cultural change and achievement That Began in Italy During the 14th century, with the focus precisely in Florence, where the dynasty of Medici supported the arts, philosophy, and architecture.

Venezia Collection

With its Canals,small streets and His perfect combination of water and land they have inspired the homonymous collection of Nera Bathware

Salerno Collection

This collection was made thinking of the beautiful coast of region Campania where people gather together to enjoy family time by cooking and laughing in the kitchen, this is why our ceramic kitchen sink collection is named after the beautiful city of Salerno

Verona Collection

shakespeare inspired by two castles in montecchio one in front of another has written Romeo and Juliet, So Nera Bathware has Decided to Dedicate the two pedestal basin that rise like towers to this famous tragedy